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Platform Container for Guil Stage Platforms

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£199.99 (including VAT)
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Product Description

CTO-05 Platform Container


 105 x 116 x 128 cm

 Maximum Load:

 600 kg

 Net Weight:

 22 kg




Practical and manageable container specially designed to transport and store TM440, TM442 XL and TM441 Platforms.

- 12 units of TM440 Platforms.
- 8 units TM442 XL Platforms.
- 5 TM441 Platforms.

This versatile container offers the option to store and transport platforms in three different positions to suit your needs:
- Decks in an upright position.
- Decks on edge position 
- Decks in flat position (for TM440 and TM442 XL Platforms)

It is supplied with a sling to hold them in place. This reinforced structure, manufactured with Zinc plated steel, has four removable pillars and can be used with forklift. 

For easier handling and manoeuvrability, this useful container can turn into a cart just by adding our set of four castors ref. CTR-02.
CTR-02 consists of four swivel wheels of Ø 200 mm (rubber made with metallic rim for maximum resistance) provided with brakes and fitted with Ø 35 mm spikes to guarantee an effective grip to the container.

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